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Predicted Values Calculator

Simply enter the age, height and weight of the subject. Then select the sex and predicted values set you wish to use. You may also enter an ethnic correction factor in the range 80% - 100%. This ethnic correction factor will reduce the predicted values for volumetric parameters. Please note age, height and weight have to be entered for the calculator to work.

The calculator will display the normal, minimum and maximum values for that subject. What are Predicted Values?


Height (cm):

Weight (kg):


Predicted Values:


Parameter Normal Minimum Maximum
FEV1 -   
PEF -   
FVC -   
FER -   
F50 -   
F25 -   
MEF -   
I50 -   
R50 -   
MVV -   
VC -   
F75 -   
FRC -   
RV -   
TLC -   
RVTLC -