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Gold Standard Reports

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MicroLab (PDF format - 1.2mb)
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Electrical Certification

Our electrical certificates cover the following guidelines:

EN60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment - General requirements for safety (IEC601-1)
EN60601-1-2 Medical Electrical Equipment - Electromagnetic compatibility

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Smoke Check
Micro NEP
PulseTrace1000 (PT1000)
PulseTracePCA (PT2000)
Micro Range

ATS (American Thoracic Society) Certification

We have received confirmation letters from the LDS Hospital in Utah that the MicroLab, MicroLoop, Micro, MicroPlus, MicroPeak, SuperSpiro and the Micro DiaryCard have been validated to the latest ATS Spirometry Standards. The LDS Hospital is the recognised independent testing centre in America which undertakes validation for all manufacturers who submit their spirometers. The current standard is the ATS/ERS 2005 Standard.

The LDS hospital is the ONLY recognised testing institution in the World for testing spirometers.

This gives you the assurance that our claims of proven accuracy are backed up by vigorous independent testing.

We manage to ensure the accuracy of our instruments using Pulmonary Waveform Generators. Here at Micro Medical we have four PWG's including the latest temperature and humidity controlled device. These are used for testing the accuracy of our instruments at development level, calibrating at production level and ensuring reliability at Quality control. It is this persistence to pay attention to long term accuracy and reliability that has given Micro Medical the World beating image that we have today and it is therefore no surprise to know that Micro Medical produce the World's No.1 spirometer.

Our instruments have also been proven independently world-wide in some of the harshest conditions available. Only a turbine spirometer can ensure that continuous accuracy is maintained independent of altitude or air pressure.